Large canyon they flooded on three days by the water

IN the USA famous large canyon (Grand Canyon) to the period became large lake. In order to restore the ecosystem of large canyon, the solution to temporarily fill with its water was accepted. Water will be given at a rate of 13 thousand cubimeters per second. It is sufficient for the comparison, this in order in 20 minutes to fill the highest skyscraper of New York — Empire State Building.

Large canyon (Grand Canyon) - the largest in the world canyon with depth about 1600 m. and length is more than 320 km in the average flow of Colorado river, that cuts through of Colorado plateau in the state of Arizona).Water along four pipes from the reservoir, located above the dam, which overlaps Colorado river enters.

In three days the water level in the canyon will rise to four meters, and then from the bottom of Colorado will rise the silt, necessary for restoring the sandy shores.

Thus far the artificial floods of canyon were conducted twice - into 1996 and in 2004. For restoring the ecosystem filled the canyon must be every one-two years, t to precisely during this period of time in the reservoir Powell (Lake powell) is accumulated sufficiently silt. (RIA “of the news”)

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